Printed Textile Collection

Hybrid Garden is a print collection featuring the Baroque ornaments and sea life. Hand drawn and screen printed on wool, the final piece is made into a couture coat.The head piece is a collaboration with Artist Molly Burgess.
The collection contains semi print collections : Marine Baroque, Moonlight Garden, Paradise Chicken and Weird Plants.


Shan Hai originates from the name of a series of books, Shan Hai Jing, which are dictionaries of the many kinds of imagined and magical creatures from Chinese mythology and folklore. People in the past regarded monsters as an alienation from human, but as a parallel to our own existence. They have lived through till present days and still highlights the film screen and also fashion industry. 
With hand drawn hybrid monsters and digital layering, a surreal monstrous world is presented on garments, a combination of digital printing and screen printing.

Natural and human made ; reality and emagined ; east culture and west culture, all of those hybrid elements make up of the Surreal Palace print. 
The marine creatures swimming through the buildings , the sea weed and coral growing out from marble frames and stairs , clouds floating on the background. 



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